Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just a Bittoto

I got home from church this morning and felt inspired to write. I love seeing my friends. I love reading my friends blogs. I feel like this odd online blogging community is like a support group of sorts. I love seeing how one of my friends finds another one of my friends blogs and God uses that to connect us all, how we encourage each other and bless one another. I love you gals!!!

On the note of friends, I thought that I would share how the name Luscious Biscuits came to be. I have a couple of groups of old dear friends. One of these is made up of my cousin Julie, a friend from the age of 1- Jessica, and Mandy -who entered the arena via Jessica in high school and quickly became part of our urban family. In high school we used to go eat Mexican every Friday night and hang out, drive around, spend the night, be silly. As we grew older our times together became fewer, but birthdays are always celebrated in big ways. These celebrations can include trips to the Fox, Museums, trips to parks, all a surprise for the birthday girl. On one of these trips to the Fox we were entertaining ourselves in the car by doing Mad Libs. Remember Mad Libs? You know you fill in the blanks of a story by giving an adjective, noun, pronoun, etc. I still love them. It works your brain and you get some zany stories. Out of one of our Mad Libs came the phrase luscious biscuits. We all cracked up and thought it was great. The comment was made that if any of us ever started a business, it should be named Luscious Biscuits. That is just what I did when I started my sewing business. All of that has come and gone, but I still love the name and own I only thought it appropriate for my blog. It speaks of all things wonderful and homemade. Things a bit luxurious, but with all of the comforts of home. 

There you go. One of the things on my list down.

I think I will spend the afternoon cooking lunch and cleaning the pantry. We have ants and they are driving me crazy!! If my lunch turns out well, maybe I will have a food post up soon too.

On the garden front, Mom and Dad report that the plants are taking off!! We gave them a good drink of manure tea last week and they seem to have taken it to heart. Everything can enjoy a good cup of tea right? More on manure tea later! I am off to the kitchen!! Where is my apron?

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