Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garden Time

Finally some more photos from the garden! The first is a pretty good shot covering most of the garden. This was about two weeks ago. Everything has grown so much since then!!

Here is a little tomato plant.

Here are some grapes growing.

And the first bite of a June apple. Yum Yum. Can you tell it is my hand with paint on my fingers and the dirt under my nails?

More to come soon. We have picked our first zucchinis and peppers. The beans should be ready to start picking this week. The cucumbers are starting to make babies and the eggplant is almost large enough to pick our first one. 

Mom's friend has also invited us to her house next weekend to pick blackberries and whatever blueberries might be ready. We are so excited! We counted our canning jars, lids and rims. We have enough for a few batches of jelly. I still have to get down to Grandma's to get the bounty of quart jars that she has offered me before the beans come in strong and the tomatoes start ripening. Grandma also gave me a great idea for some of our extra zucchini. She used to make zucchini bread and freeze it. What a great idea!

I will make sure to have my camera handy next time I am in the garden. There is so much growing so fast that I can hardly keep up! 

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Geoffrey said...

I have to tell you - I am loving your blog and a bit envious of your family garden! I think that is such an amazing idea, for SO many reasons.

I've had fun catching up on all your blog posts. I'm picking up a few tricks and being highly entertained.

Also, I wanted to let you know with my excess zucchini and carrots. I grate them and measure them into freezer bags (4 cups per bag usually - depending on the recipe). That way I can pull one out of the freezer any time I want throughout the winter for zucchini desserts, breads, etc or carrot cake muffins (my favorite!).

Hope you're doing well. You're a great blogger!
Miss you, miss kara!


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