Monday, May 5, 2008

Temperature's Rising

The Iris are finally blooming. Spring has sprung, and so have the mosquitos. Man those little buggers bother me. If you don't know me very well, or have not been around me much in summer, you need to know that I am a mosquito's favorite place to dine. I mean it. 5 minutes outside photographing the Iris and 5 bites later I am blogging. Wait a minute, make that about 8 bites itching so far.. not to mention the 2 pesky insects that came inside with me to dine indoors. Arrgg!!! The pains of warm weather. I think that spraying time is drawing near. Side note- The only thing that makes my bites stop itching and swelling is lavender oil. Works great every time!

I am hobbling around better now. I have 7 stitches in my left foot. It still hurts and I am definitely not normal yet but on my way there. I am eager to be well and get out in the yard, despite the mosquitos. And yes, I will coat myself in the only insect repellant that works for me-something with deet.

I think I might try to make it out to the garden this week and pop some seeds into the ground. I just can't wait for our harvest and I don't want to push it out any farther. 

Oh, and I got a new haircut and color. What do you think? Blonde is back baby..... thanks Anna.


Julie said...

I am envious of your ability to have perfectly straight hair. And look cute with a short cut.

Jacoline said...

Tres chique! Looking good, as always!
Good luck with the stupid buggs and have fun with the gardenwork. I find it lots of fun; last night I popped in some salad seeds, beans and sweet corn.



Jo said...

Cutie cutie! I love the hair!

How is your foot feeling? Ouchie.

Planted some veggies last night... can't wait for tomatoes from the garden. There is just nothing better than that!

Miss you.

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