Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here is a shot of my cucumber plants on my back steps. I went out to look at them today and thought, "What on earth has eaten my plants!!!???!?!" Hail. We had a bad storm last night with pea sized hail. It ripped through my cucumber leaves. Thankfully they seem strong enough to survive. I want some cucumbers!!

The school year is almost over!! WOOHOO!!! I have made it through a crazy year, and this has been a crazy week. I got my stitches taken out of my foot. Not too bad. I have a scar to deal with and slather Mederma on. My normal shoes still are not comfy. I tried wearing them on Monday. Do you remember Susan Summers selling the Thigh Master? I felt like I had been working the thigh master all day!! Back to my Burkenstocks. 

Finals are in full swing. This week is going a bit slow, but it is already Wednesday, so I can't complain. Tomorrow the math hall is having a potluck breakfast. I can't wait. I am going to make some scones tonight. Yummy! And we have another breakfast on Friday for a teacher that is retiring. I love food. =) In all reality I probably will miss the students even though they drive me nuts sometimes. But I got a job this summer. I am painting at the school where my husband works. It should be a good change of pace. Major bonus, I found out that I will get paid more than I expected. Not to mention that Dave and I will be carpooling, saving gas and spending a bit more time together. We found a bike trail near the school too. Exercise, here we come-again! God is good.

Garden pictures should be up soon. We got more plants and seeds in the ground this weekend. The beans plants are popping out of the ground and more should be sprouting soon. We all wore ourselves out!! Before I knew it it was 3 o'clock and we hadn't stopped for lunch. I didn't get home until 4:30. I had thought that I would just spend the morning in the garden. Time flies when you are having fun. We still have to plant okra, it likes the soil nice and hot, and a round or two of corn and beans. I will try to remember my camera next time and get some good shots. You will be amazed!!! Keep praying for rain and a good harvest. 

Things I have been meaning to write about:
-How much I love my friends and how much I need them in my life
-How the name Luscious Biscuits came to be
-Books I have been reading
-My sewing projects

I am just making note of these. When I have some time I will delve into them. So tell me, which one first?


Julie said...

I've sent you an invite to I haven't had time to enter in any of my favorite books yet, but a lot of my friends are on it and it's a great way to see what they are reading and recommend.

I'll try to get on top of entering my books.

Jen said...

I want to know how much you love me! Hehehe. How was the Tettrazzini?

Jacoline said...

sooo, I am curious to the name of your blog, so fill us in!

Hahaha, seems like it's still up to yourself what you're going to blog about! Actually I don't mind, I'm interested in you as a person and all these things that are on your mind!

I'll post some pix of my home-garden soon too; things are growing fast and well!!!



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