Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, no seeds in the ground yet. Mom wants to wait until the ground warms, maybe a couple of weeks. The old timers are talking about another cold snap. Wait and see. I will spend some time planning out the garden I guess. We measured and have a good amount of space. Woohoo!!

Side note: I found my great grandfather's overall's a couple of weeks ago at my mom and dad's. I had asked my mom if I could borrow something to wear to get out of my work clothes. I raided her closet and pulled down these overalls. I immediately thought, "These look like Grandpa Guffey's. No they couldn't be. We didn't get a pair of his overalls." I proceeded to put them on. A great length, a little big around the middle. Pretty much how he wore them. 

Later on Mom told me that her cousin had given them to her. He knew that she had wanted a pair of Grandpa Guffey's overalls. Well, I have them now. It is all that I wanted after he passed away, which was quite a while ago. I found myself teary eyed as I got home, blessed to have a piece of him with me, to garden in them like he did and add my dirt stains to the dirt stains that he deposited on the pant legs. 

I remember him as a gentle man with a love for his family, digging in the soil, and his animals. Not to mention wearing overalls. I seem to have inherited much of him into my being. I remember walking in his garden, feeding the goats and fishing with him. I also remember rocking on the glider on his front porch. He was always in overalls. Maybe that is where my love for them grew from. I will proudly wear his overalls, patch the holes and work in my garden. Maybe I will wear them on harvest days. Anyway, thanks mom for letting me take them. I know that they are special to you too. 


Jo said...

I totally understand how you feel about those overalls. I have my Nana's needlepoint scissors. There's just nothing like using them to work on something I know she would have liked to work on, too. Enjoy gardening with your special overalls.

niels said...

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