Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I seem to still have a carefree feeling lingering from spring break. I am a little more relaxed, a little more full of cheer. I thought that this picture of a camelia on St. Simon's and me from the driftwood beach say it all. Sweet and refreshing. 

The next week or so hold plenty in store. Dr's appointments, surgery, and work just to name a few. I want to do so much before next Friday. That is when my left foot will be confined to an orthopedic  boot for 3 weeks. Yuck. So until then, wiggle little toes! Remember the feeling of the sand between you! I am going to walk, hike and bicycle all that I can. I will cook clean and grocery shop with ease! 

Hopefully the garden will begin soon. Dad has already plowed the ground, pictures coming soon. Now we wait for the soil to warm. We also need to rake the rows into place and decide if we have enough space for all that we want to grow. Very exciting!!

And my random tidbit of the day, I spent hours online last night looking up Georgia Peach rooibos tea. I had some in Savannah and need some here!!! It was sooo good. I will let you know when I get my hands on some and if it is as good as I remember it. I have started drinking a cup of rooibos at night. So good and relaxing. Now I need the  peach kind!!!


Jennifer Carr said...

I buy peach roobois from Tevana. It's pretty good. Sometimes I'll mix it with vanilla roobois to make it taste a little creamy. Delish.

Kara said...

Thanks Jennifer. I actually ended up buying some Georgia peach rooibos tea online. A whole pound of it! I think I will have enough to drink and to share for awhile. I think it will be great iced in the summer too. So exciting!!

Jen said...

I'm there! Drinking peach rooibus with good friends.....*smile*

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