Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We are back home. Let me tell you, I loved our time away from home, but I love being home too. When Dave and I walked into our house last night it was fresh and new again. What a great feeling. It also helped that when we pulled into the driveway everything was green and blooming. What a wonderful welcome home!

Our time on Jekyll was great. We biked all over the island. My favorites were the driftwood beach and the marsh. I loved the marsh more than anything else. It felt foreign, like you stepped into a different country. We stuck our toes into the water at the beach. It was too cold for swimming. But the sunsets were beautiful and the beach worth admiring. 

I promised some cooking from the trip. Most meals were unexciting- steak and corn cooked over the fire, curry chicken and veggie kabobs, steak kabobs and mushrooms cooked with onions. Our staples every day were hummus with pita, carrot and celery sticks, grapes, nuts, cucumbers and apples. We love light fare. And hummus hits the spot every time. I think this may become our lunch routine from now on. It is easy to pack. My tip on easy veggie sticks for the kids ( or husband)- I cut them up ahead of time and pack them in water in the fridge. You can pull out as many as you want when you need them. They stay fresh and crisp for a week at least!

Random thoughts after the trip- Who knew that I would love bicycling?!?! I do! It was hard at first but now I love it. Dave and I are going to try to ride regularly now. I have seen a real difference in my legs. They normally swell. This week the swelling has gone down dramatically. I attribute it to the additional exercise and cutting out a lot of sodium in our diet. I will keep you posted on our bicycling adventures around here. 

Also, I love my friends and I love their blogs. It is such a great way to keep up with each other and what is going in our lives. I have been truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. I love you all!! Keep blogging!!!!


Meghan said...

That's a fantastic picture of you, friend. 'Tis good to see your face. I miss it.

Julie said...

It must have been a great trip - I'm so jealous. I miss spring break!

Jo said...

Cutie cutie pic of you!
I'm glad you had fun. It sounds like it was a great trip. :)

Jen said...

You look so pretty here!

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