Saturday, June 1, 2013

Food Ideas #2- Restaurant Take Out

As I am currently on bedrest and we need help preparing meals for awhile I thought that some people may not feel comfortable cooking for us with my food restrictions or they may not have the time. I thought that a list of local restaurants and items from their menus may be helpful to some. This may also be helpful to those who live in the greater Atlanta area.

Here we go:
Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q - not known for being gluten free. But, I know which items work for me and which ones don't. Our usual takeout consists of: inside outside chopped pork, cole slaw, green beans. Dave enjoys their brunswick stew and desserts.

The Cuban Diner - This is a small family run local joint. The food is great! Kara's usual is the Mojito chicken with a side of Maduros and Moros. Dave loves their sandwiches! His favorites are the El Cubano, Croqueta, or Ropa Vieja - seved with a side of Maduras.

The Wing Cafe - hot wings! Need we say more? Our usual order is 20 wings hot and swimming! dave loves blue cheese with his wings. They also serve the Heywood's Bac-o-burger. This delicious meat comes from a local butcher. Order Kara's without a bun or cheese. Dave's without cheese.

Blue Moon Pizza - This is some seriously good pizza! Their gluten free crust is great. They offer take and bake as well as already baked pizza. Pizza is one thing that I will eat dairy on!! Kara's Favorite- Gluten free pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and pepperoncinis. Gluten Free Bruschetta- Yum! We always like a greek salad- feta on the side please and hold the bread or sub GF bread! Dave will eat regular crust pizza- classic or jerk chicken.

El Ranchero Marietta - Our favorite place where you'll find us at least once a week, well except when I'm on bedrest! Our usuals include Sopa De Pollo, Fajitas De Camaron, Steak Mexicano, Tacos De Carne Asada, Pollo La Ranchera

Cracker Barrel - Our usuals: Kara- Grilled catfish with coleslaw, turnip greens and pinto beans. Dave's usual- Fried catfish with coleslaw, fried apples, and turnip greens

Marietta Pizza Co. -for Kara- Gluten free pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and peperoncinis. For Dave - the works, by the pie or the slice, or a calzone with Italian sausage

I may think of more, but this is a great go to list. I may even send Dave to it to use to go pick up dinner!!! I hope this helps someone else out there as well!!

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