Friday, May 31, 2013

Food ideas #1- Recipes and Websites

Since I have so many food restrictions I thought that making some lists for those wanting to help out would be useful. We'll start with some links to other websites and recipes.


Elana's Pantry - I love this website. She has some really easy to make recipes including desserts and entrees. I believe that everything on her site is fine for me to eat. My favorite recipe of hers are her almond butter brownies!! Yum!!!

Whole Foods - this site has a lot of recipes. You can type in ingredients and it will pull up recipes. Type in gluten free and pull up recipes. It used to be a bit easier to navigate, but it should still be helpful. You can also buy gift cards online. This is helpful for us as there is a Whole Foods within walking distance from our house and they carry a nice selection of prepared foods.

Nourishing Meals- These are some recipes from one of my favorite cook books. Please look out for oats as I can not eat them. Otherwise, most of these recipes use easy to find ingredients and I haven't tried a recipe that I didn't like!


Lemon bars

fiesta bean salad

Coconut Ginger Soup

Coconut Pound Cake with Lemon Curd

Carrot Cupcakes

Tandoori Chicken And Rice Bake

chicken and sweet potatoes

curried rice and shrimp

honey savory roasted chicken

quinoa tabouli

penne with broccoli and mushrooms

There are so many more great recipes out there. This is just a sampling of recipes with ingredients that are pretty easy to find and don't seem very hard to prepare. I may add more in another post as time goes on.

Things to be on the lookout for in recipes when preparing a meal for us:
`Please make sure that any stocks or broths are not only MSG free, but also gluten free. These are easy to find at any grocery store.
`Watch out for soy sauce or tamari sauce. It is fine to use, but make sure that you use a gluten free one. These are now easy to find, affordable, well labeled and delicious!
`Just because something is labeled gluten free, doesn't mean that I can eat it. Corn is a very common ingredient. Please read labels.
`Dave can eat everything that I can't! Sometimes he may want a treat of cobbler or cake, lasagna or a sandwich. Feel free to make food for him, I just ask that there is something available for me to eat as well.

For those of you just browsing my blog I hope that you find these links useful and make some delicious meals for you and your family!

Next up: Take out meals

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