Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation, Had To Get Away

We finally went on vacation again!!! I know you are thinking that we just went. But that was actually in January. Dave has been working a lot and it was really nice to get away. the pictures will tell the story.

First stop: Savannah. We had a nice couple of day or so and then the rain came!!

Second stop: Jekyll Island. I dusted off my bike. We rode for a long time one day. This is my favorite place to ride my bike!

This is where we rode our bikes to on Jekyll. I overdid it and I knew it. It was worth it though. This is the old outdoor amphitheater. It is abandoned. We always make to the trek to it when we visit the island.

Is your mouth watering? Mine was. We had the hugest shrimp. They were so sweet! Eating on the dock is great!

The dunes in between rain showers. It rained almost the entire time we were there. 
Third stop: Deland, Florida. We visited Dave's grandmother, Aunt and cousins.  one morning we went to this amazing little pancake house in DeLeon Springs park. You cook your own pancakes. It was lots of fun!

Taking a break from eating to take a picture.

Gluten Free pancakes at a tiny pancake house!!! They were their own recipe and so tasty!!! I cant wait to go back!!!

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