Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Back To Life

This morning is amazing..... Well, it isn't morning anymore. Doors and windows thrown open. A breeze blows the curtains aside. The birds are chirping and the bugs are singing. We got a beautiful dark chocolatey brown shelled egg this morning. One of the little chickens followed me around this morning very "are you my mother?" style. Lleulu purred while I brushed her this morning.

I am charging the camera battery. I need to take pictures of life going on. I have been missing it. I pulled out the sewing machine today. Fabric, color, rhythm, sound. I haven't sewn in ages.

Seeds I planted in cups are sprouting. The ground calls to be tilled and sewn. Carrots, kale, collards, peas, radishes, chard and lettuce awaiting to grow.

I think maybe, just maybe, I am coming back to life. I didn't know it had been stilled so very still. But today I feel a breath of newness, of desire to create in the earth with plants and to create beautiful things with fabric. Mmmm... Life. I am breathing it in.

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