Saturday, August 20, 2011

And Life Goes On

Well, in case you have been wondering, I took the three remaining chickens to the poultry lab. I got the results yesterday. They had signs of Marecks and apparently had little cartiledge in their joints, or something like that. And they were all boys!! I can't keep crowing roosters, so not having to find a home for them is somewhat of a relief.

I was really sad after dropping them off. Mourning my three chicken babies. I got home and planned on a quiet evening with more of that chocolate cake and wine. Then I heard that a friend couldn't care for his chickens anymore and needed them to be house immediately. I put on my overalls, grabbed a brooder and headed out the door.

When I got to his house the pigs had been loaded and most of the chickens. I wrangled some babies out of the front yard and then loaded some hens in. I had no clue how many chickens I had in my car. Turned out there were also two rabbits that needed a home, so I loaded them into the car as well.

I dropped the bunnies off at my sister's house. They are so cute! They are white with black spots. They gave them baths and loved on them. They are so happy in their new home.

Second stop, my uncle's. He has had a lonely rooster, Rudy, for a while now. I thought he could use some company. I dropped six hens off at his house. They are so happy there! Rudy protected them right away and introduced them to the goats. Now they are a happy little farm flock.

I got to our house about dark and started unloading the rest of the chickens. I brought our rooster, Ponce, into the coop first. He knew exactly where he was!!! He walked right downstairs in the coop and got some water. Including Ponce, I added nine to our flock. One pretty red girl went to live at a friend's house. She is now named Annie.

So, we have 18 chickens now of varying ages. Everyone stopped laying eggs due to the heat and stress of blending a flock. I am waiting the eggs! Come one girls! So far everyone gets along for the most part. I might end up having to give more away, but I want to know how many roosters I have before I start getting rid of chickens. I want the girls around for their egg laying abilities.

It was a trying day. All in one day we went from 13 chickens, down to ten, then to 19!!! Of course, now we have 18, since Annie went to her new home. I mean, I had 15 chickens in my car at one time!! I think that God gave me peace to let the three sick ones go because He knew there were other chickens that needed a happy home. Here is hoping that most of the young ones are girls and good egg layers!!!

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Meghan said...

We'll take some of those chickens off of your hands!

Seriously. We want to have chickens.

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