Friday, June 3, 2011


Boy, the time has just flown by! I can hardly believe that it is summer already. The 90 degree temps have convinced me though. Summer is here, baby!

Let's do a little catch up:
School is out! Woohoo. And drum roll please...... It was my last year there. I am moving on to my doula career. Website for that coming soon, I promise! I will miss the kids and some of my co- workers, but overall I am really happy to move on.

We have thirteen, yes I said thirteen, baby chickens! Lord helpl us!!! Atta Girl hatched two, we added to hers from some that a friend hatched in an incubator. She seemed to take them well....until the next day. My chicken is racist. All of the white chickens she loved and cared for. All of the black chickens she scared silly and injured. So, either she is really smart or really mean. She accepted the new baby chickens that looked like her original two and shunned the rest. So, we have had six babies in the house!!! Today we are moving them outside to learn the sights and sounds of the rest of the flock. Hopefully it will go well. Oh, and I can't find the camera, so no pictures for now.

Instead of a garden this year we are working on growing a lawn. In the past we have grown weeds where a lawn would be, so we decided it was high time for some grass. A month or more of work on Dave's part prepping and planting seed, a palet of sod and lots of water later we are growing a grass lawn!!! It will take it a while to get established, but I really am looking forward to walking around barefoot out there next summer.

I have been doing a cleanse the past month and really found it refreshing. I went vegan for eleven days, then slowly added back lean protein, watched my rice and lentil intake, and made a point of eating twice as many vegetables as fruit and most of that raw. I have had more energy and felt generally better. I can start to add back nuts and seeds this weekend. I am just a little bit excited. Ok, I want some beef too! But I learned that I can have lots more veggies in my diet and be really happy. I love my smoothies even more than I used to. I plan to write more about all of this. And with summer upon us, I should have some time.

We are off to Charlotte for a week of fun with family. It will be fun to spend some time with the little niece and nephew, and everyone that we don't see very often. I see lots of time at the pool in my near future and I can't wait!

Ok, I need to go spend some time with the chickens and turn off one of the many sprinklers helping our lawn become lush and green. Happy summer ya'll!

P.s. Excuse my typos as I was lazy and wrote this on the iPad instead of the laptop.


Meghan said...

Love you and so excited for you! No more teaching! Hurrah!

Miss you, friend. Must see your face soon.

Jacoline said...

I love the idea of you as a postpartum doula; it's so similar to the care that's given in Holland to families who just got a baby. Over here it's called "kraamhulp" and I cannot imagine having a baby without the postpartum care at home! I think you are perfect for that job. Lucky future clients... Looking forward to your website.
Enjoy summer and keep us posted!


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