Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time is passing...

I really thought that I would blog a bit more while I was down with my foot. I thought I would do a lot of things but the days have flown by. I really planned to read a lot, maybe catch up with some friends. I have mostly watched t.v. and rested. Oh well.

My foot is still quite painful. It is really frustrating. Most nights I haven't slept very well. I am walking without crutches now. That frees up my hands which is really nice. Walking is tough though. It wears me out and makes my foot hurt. Oh well. What do you do?

Let's see, Atta Girl has been outside for a couple of weeks now and doing great!!! We are so glad. Daisy however has taken to making a nest. Poor thing doesn't know her eggs have no chance of becoming baby chicks. We have tried everything!!! We kicked her out of the nest boxes for days, put ice under her to try and cool her down and she insists on sitting tight. So I have put out a request for fertilized eggs. We'll see if someone can help us out. I am not thrilled about this prospect, but we don't have many options. She isn't getting up much to eat or drink and her health can decline. We're trying to help you Daisy!!

I am still moving really slowly. I should be getting out to the store today, but I am not quite confident about getting out on my own. Sigh. Time will help.

What are you doing this summer?

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