Friday, July 16, 2010

A Quick Little Post

Boy, the time if flying by!! I wanted to blog a bit before the weekend comes. My foot is a bit better every day, or so it seems. I have over done it cooking in the kitchen and going to the store. I am learning my limits and getting more energy and brain power back every day. I man I changed the sheets, folded laundry and didn't turn the t.v. on for a whole day. Oh yea! I am on the way back.

I have really enjoyed my Bible study groups this summer. I still meet with some former high school girls every Tuesday afternoon. I love our time together, talking about life and God. It refreshes my soul. I think these girls will do great things for God and already are. I also meet with my adult girls, who I guess are technically former high school girls, every other Tuesday night. We are studying Ruth. I am enjoying the Bible study, but I enjoy my fellowship time with these lovely ladies more and more. They keep me grounded and sane, while pushing me toward God.

God. Been thinking about God a lot lately, well, once my brain decided not to be lethargic. I love God. I can not imagine my life without my belief in Him. He is so good. SO good. I feel it to my very core. The way he cares for us, provides for us, saves us and extends grace and mercy. Whoa. Yeah. So I am trying to spend more time on my knees and in the Word. Less time with the t.v. on. This will be good.

Alright, busy day ahead and maybe a busy weekend. I have to go listen to some music Dave just came up with then get ready for a quick road trip. Come on foot. We can do this!

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