Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking in Summer

Well, I have two new best friends.
Oops. Hold on I can get a better picture than that. It'll take me a minute. Camera over the shoulder..... There.

Meet my crutches. They definitely need names. They will be my constant companion for a couple of weeks. I mean it has been six years since I have been on crutches. I had to say hello to them again.

Here is how the story goes: A few months ago I won a gift card from my insurance company for filling out a silly survey. Yay! $50 for free!!! Well, when it came in the mail it was to Wal-mart. I loathe shopping at Wal-mart, so I sat on it for a while while I dreamed about what to purchase. A new blender? A covered dutch oven? It had to be something that I wasn't going to run out and buy, something that I really wanted. On Tuesday I finally made up my mind. Iron skillets! Into the car I went early in the day, because we all know that Wal-mart isn't quite as crazy in the early morning hours. I found the skillets. I pondered the sizes. I roamed the store and pondered some more. Then went back and loaded two iron skillets into my cart.

Being early morning, the self checkout lines were really the only things open. I hate them, but ok. I scanned my things and my skillets. I even had to get help with my gift card. All was well and bam. The skillets, which were nested in each other landed on my feet. Yes both feet. I didn't feel a thing. Shock I guess. I picked them up, put them into the buggy and headed to the car. No one noticed. Ok. Walking to the car kind of hurt. My pants leg rubbing on my foot kind of hurt. Uh oh.

So, being the stubborn person that I am I ran one more errand. I actually had a long list of them to run. But while picking out some tomatoes at Burger's I decided not to run any more errands. Pushing the gas pedal on the car hurt, too. Oh no. I decided to go to the Dr. 

I got X-rayed and went home. I iced both of my poor feet. Yes, both. The skillets landed squarely on the tops of my feet. I waited for the Dr. to call with the reading from radiology. And he called. Fractured left foot. Great. I made it to the orthopedist yesterday and got this beauty.

I look like a transformer coming to life, or dying. Just call me Re-boot, bootleg, whatever else you can come up with. The good news is that my right foot is just badly bruised and will hurt for a few months. Excuse me? Yes, a few months and my left foot of course will hurt for a while. So, I am on crutches for 16 days and then can walk in the boot. Being on crutches is reminding me of when I broke my ankle. I actually had some great times visiting with friends then. I hope this break will be as enjoyable. Of course, now I have Dave that I usually shop for and feed. This should be interesting. Oh yeah, and my limited diet that I have to cook everything on. Hmmmmm..... hello crock pot, salads and loads of fresh veggies. Perhaps some smoothies shall be my BFF. Oh wait, can't carry a cup on crutches. Crap. Backpack to the rescue! Maybe I can talk Dave into grilling some too, and shopping, and dishes. One more look at the foot.
I will be right here on the couch for a while. You know where to find me.

Re-boot signing out


Joy said...

ICK. My 18 y/o niece Jamie broke her foot last week. She's in a cast. I broke my foot in college trying to play basketball with Baxter. He laughed at me for "feigning" hurt so I walked through two stores afterwards. Only the next day I screamed when I woke up. Breaking a foot is not any fun. So sorry you are having to hobble around.

meemsnyc said...

OMG, you dropped a skillet on your foot? Gulp. Sorry to hear that. Hope you will be off crutches soon.

Susie said...

Oh girl I can't believe that happened!! Poor thing. I can't even begin to imagine how bad that hurt. So sorry for you.

I came over to thank you for the ideas about the garlic. Boy was I surprised to read your news.

I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers.

Gluten Free Sourdough Baker said...

I broke a foot when I was 23, it was a life changer in that I never got physical therapy, who knew?, and my whole left side got way out of whack. 2 decades later, chronic pain in all the left side joints. Found an excellent chiropractor who has helped me.

If you are offered physical therapy I would say TAKE IT!

I send you patience through the healing.

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