Friday, October 2, 2009

What You can do to Make a Difference

After reading Not For Sale, I wanted to know what I can do to make a difference. I found Wellspring for Living. They are a great organization. A representative actually came out and spoke to our FCA at school. They did a fantastic job and the students really paid attention.

In November they are having a 5k and 10k to raise money and awareness. I have decided to walk the 5k with some friends and students. Others are going to join us and run it. Want to join us? Click on the "Stop Injustice Run" to register. Under group name type in Marietta High School FCA. Also take a minute to get acquainted with Wellspring for Living. I think that you will be impressed with what they are doing. I am hoping for 12 or more people to join our group. Will you?

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