Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birthday Wishes

It is almost that time of year again~my birthday. It snuck up on me quickly this year. October is a seriously busy month, especially this year. There is just so much going on. I am finding this year that my desires are changing. I mean, what I want or need.

Honestly, there aren't many needs in our life. For that, I am grateful. I do have some desires. I have decided this year to invest in our life. I have asked the family for fruit trees to plant in the backyard. I would love to have a small orchard. For now, 3-4 trees will do.

I have a wish list up on amazon. You can access it by looking up my name or email address. I like to look at people's lists out of pure curiosity. What do other people desire? Do we have the same desires? I have a ton of cook books listed, bird feeders, books, calendars, movies, a grain mill, etc. Mostly stuff for life or enjoyment of life. My guilty pleasures are the movies and a watch.

Do you have a list? What is on it? Desires, needs?

My birthday isn't until next week. I am wishing for good times with great friends. I can't imagine anything better for my birthday. I think that is a desire and a need!

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Joy said...

I DO have a wishlist up on Amazon - but it is all school stuff or gift ideas I have shopped for in the past. So, in essence, nothing on my wishlist is actually for me. This post just made that click. Yesterday I gave my kids a bunch of pennies to throw in a fountain and make wishes, yet I made none myself. I think I will next time.

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