Monday, September 14, 2009

Come Fall. Come

I have been tired lately. Work wipes me out. I have been trying to exercise regularly and keep us fed and clothed. Well, cleanly clothed. Two things put that off the last two weeks. First I fell in the garden. I went down like they do in cartoons- pretty much straight as a stick and almost on my face. My left arm saved me. Dave ran over horrified as I said, "My arm! My arm!" I got up, shook it off and finished planting the fall greens. It ended up that I pulled a ligament in my elbow. It is still sore sometimes, but mostly in the morning. Thank God for soft dirt to land on!

What else has kept me down? A nasty cold. Swine flu has been going around. I use hand sanitizer and wash my hands all of the time. I know that I was exposed because so many students at school are sick, but am pretty sure I only caught an upper respiratory infection. It is clearing up nicely with some elderberry and echinacea, plus some tlc.

On to better things.....

Fall comes soon. My favorite time of year. I love it. I love crisp evenings with the doors and windows open. I think that I relax a little bit. I love the pumpkins and leaves turning colors. I was born in October. We were married in October. My parents were married in October, too. It can't come soon enough.

Come Fall, come!


Joy said...

I love fall too. I love that October 8th is always the most beautiful day! I love that all I want to do on my birthday is go hiking in the mountains. Nothing better than a clear blue sky and all those beautiful leaves.

Jacoline said...

I never thought I'd like fall. But since 2 years I notice that I like it. The coloring leaves, the pumpkins, pears and apples that are harvested. Seeking cosiness inside the house. Yeah, I've learned to love it!

Wishing you a happy fall-season!

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