Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Longest Week Ever

Ok, maybe not the longest week ever, but did I really go back to work this past Monday? It seems like ages ago. I have been praying for grace with students. Lord, help me to not chop their heads off with words or looks. It has been a rough week to say the least.

 Just a tid-bit folks. I have found out where all of the social security money is getting drained to! It is going to students diagnosed with disabilities. Granted, some rightfully receive it - the ones who are moderately to severely intellectually disabled, that will never be able to hold down a job that will support them. But I learned this week that many people have learned how to work this system. See, if you have ADD, ADHD, emotional behavioral disorder, etc., you can apply for social security disability. I have heard more than one kid this week say that they were in school to get that check. I even heard a story of parents telling their children to act out in school. Ugh. Sigh. That is my venting for now. God, give me grace.

On a lighter note, Lleulu had a photo shoot with my sister last weekend. She is a really gifted with an eye for photography and a love for animals. Lleulu warmed right up to her. Here is a picture that she took. It's my favorite. For more pictures, check out my sister's website.

Lots of people have been talking about New Year's resolutions. So, I thought that would jump on the bandwagon.

 1. I have got to get in shape. My friends Jen and Jamie are going to run a 10k. Now, I am not pushing for that as I have never been a runner in my life. But I might try the 5k. They have inspired me. I am going to commit to exercising 3 times a week minimum. I might need some running shoes!

 2. I have to get into God's word on a regular basis. Again, I am going to shoot for a minimum of 3 times a week. This is going to me more good than anything else! And oh how I need it!

 3. Pay down debt. I know we can pay at least one credit card off this year and get going on more. This is a huge goal. Once the first is paid off, the snowball effect should come into play and will see the debt shrink! 

 4. Make some date time with my hubby. We love to stay home. There is no place like it. But let's face it, it is good to get out. I am planning on one date night/day a month. If we try it, I am sure that we will like it. The time spent together, focused on each other is essential.

Well, that's a good start. I have couple of other thoughts in my head, but I am tired after my exercise and Dave just got home. I'm going to spend some time with him. 

I have pictures of the holidays to post. I will try to get those up soon. Thanks for reading!

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Jennifer said...

Lleulu had gotten so big! I checked out all the pics on the website and they're so good. Maybe I should get some done of Potts! I've never even had my kids professionally photographed, but I would do Potts! Cats are awesome. Having a dog just affirms that for me.

Troubling about the social security bit. Nice. Real nice.

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