Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Secret Sewing Project Revealed!

This is Bebe. She is the doll that I made for our niece for her first birthday. I think that she turned out quite nicely, although a little smaller than I had hoped. She is just a bit shorter than a Barbie. I used a pattern for the body. I made the pattern for the dress and had to tweak it along the way.

I followed directions for the face and hair. I am so thrilled with how her hair turned out. I hadn't been sure how to make the hair, but found some directions on a web site. It was really easy and went pretty fast once I got the hang of the stitch.

I hope that she brings joy to Olivia for many years! Maybe I will make her some friends in the future!


Susie said...

That little doll is so cute! You did a great job. You should definitely make her some friends. You could create a whole little family for her.

Meghan said...

She's darling!

Perhaps, if this little one in me turns out to be a girl, you could make one for her?

We NEED to get together PRONTO!

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