Sunday, November 15, 2009

Relaying Randomness

I seem to be slow on the ball, but I have loved my friends random posts lately.

Lleulu is forcing me to pet her and "making biscuits" next to me. I know that it is only temporary. She will turn on me any second now.

I took some benadryl. I could fall asleep right here. I have this weird rash on my face. Who knows why I got it. Was it the fast food yesterday, the soap, the water in NC or the heater last night? I hope that it clears up by morning.

I love fetching eggs from my chickens. I think it is amazing that they produce food for us. I also find it weird.

I love to cook. I am kind of picky about the food we eat. Sometimes I wish that I didn't care. It would be much easier to eat fast food and make hamburger helper. Or at least would take less thinking.

My friend Jen wants to have a party and watch Mama Mia. I intend on attending and singing all of the songs. Did I mention that I love Abba or that I have seen Mama Mia the musical 3 times? We might have to watch From Justin to Kelly although Jennifer won't possibly watch that with us again.

I want to read all of the time lately. I have been devouring books.

I guess I should go to bed and read. The benadryl is kicking in.

Thanks for the random posts ladies!

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Joy said...

I think that I would feel the same way about the eggs - at least at first. I bet you get used to it. I also wish I wasn't as picky with food. Although, I have moments when I know how much better off we are and I realize that I am living outside of the Matrix. I have never seen Mama Mia but it has been sitting on my Tivo for a while. Maybe this weekend! Benadryl sounds good...I may take one myself.

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