Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

While cleaning out the freezer I came across some pumpkin that I had cooked and frozen last fall. I needed the space, so the pumpkin came out of hiding. I searched high and low for recipes to make and here is what I ended up with. The first is from a site that is extremely messy to read, but has good recipes. Here is the link. It is called no egg pumpkin bread and if you scroll down the page it is at the bottom. It is delicious! I made two big loaves and stuck one in the freezer. Oh, and for the sugar I used scant cups and substituted one cup of regular sugar with one cup of brown sugar. I may have used more spices too, only because I love a spicy bread.

Here is the second recipe that I made. It is from Cooking Light. This recipe makes a super moist bread. There were twelve muffins when I baked them and the recipe says that it makes 18. I made one pan of muffins and two mini loaves. I guess they were yummy since there are only six muffins in this photo!

I can't tell you which recipe tastes better. They are both good! The first one is very simple with very few ingredients. The second uses more ingredients, but isn't complicated at all. So now the challenge- which one do you like best? Try them out and let me know. At least put the recipes away until fall arrives and a cool autumn morning calls for pumpkin bread. I hope that you like them!


Jacoline said...

Our pumpkins are growing quite well, so I'm definately going to save your recipies to try!

Thanks girl!

Jamie said...

Thanks for posting this Kara! I am going to make these (cooking light version) to take to the beach with us this week. It is perfect :)
Hope you are doing well!

Joy said...

Hey! I googled luscious biscuits per our conversation yesterday and found you! Granted, there probably aren't that many people searching for "luscious biscuits," but you never know!

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