Friday, August 28, 2009

Peach Preserves

About a month ago a at the Marietta Farmer's Market a grower was selling their peaches. They were gorgeous and delicious. Upon arriving home, I wished that I had bought more. The next week I showed up ready to buy a box full. I was sadly disappointed when they weren't there.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed when another peach grower showed up in the spot to fill in the gap. They realized that people wanted peaches and no other growers were around. Yay! I bought my box of peaches and hurried home, only to have the peach preserve making put off to take care of the figs.

Here is the box of peaches. I had to work fast! Those babies were softening up every day.

Makes my mouth water just looking at them. Tree ripe. Little fuzz. Yum...... drool, but not on the peaches.

I mean can they get even more tempting? Look at how pretty they are all cut up. This is about 12 peaches cut up and just put on the stove top.

Cooking down a batch of peaches on the right and the figs on the left. It was a long day people!

The joy! The bliss! Peach preserves ready to put on the shelf and open up come winter. It is so delicious! I was half tempted to buy more peaches but my shelves are full. And after four days of spending time over the stove I couldn't do anymore. My feet and knees wouldn't let me.

They turned out so nice and so easy. I used this recipe. I would change the number of peaches to ten. Other than that, it is wonderful. Also for something different, and it takes less peaches, try this recipe for ginger peach marmalade. I used a blender and it turned out great. I can't wait to eat this on a warm piece of bread! Let me know if you try making either one. They are both delightful and very easy. I will use the recipes for years to come. I am sure of it.


Meghan said...

Yum. A. Saurus. Rex.

Jen said...

I am making a trip to your house to steal some peach preserves!

Seriously, what do I have to do to get my hands on some of that stuff?

Kara said...

Jen, you are my friends, so you can come over and claim a jar anytime. Of course, I do need help sewing some curtains for the dining room....... straight lines have never been mu forte. Payment could be made in preserves.

Jacoline said...

I love how you seem to have the same urge as I have, in wanting to preserve food. A whole lot of anything (tomatoes, zucchini, pumkin, apples or whatever) just makes my thoughts spin around about what to make of it, so I can enjoy it later. Haven't made marmelades yet... Right now I have quite an harvest of cherry tomatoes... Think, think... :-)

Enjoy your preserves!

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