Tuesday, June 9, 2009

no rest for the weary and the weary never rest

Things have been very busy! Painting at Dave's school every day plus the trip to Athens this weekend and I am pooped! Sorry for no new pics of the chicky babies. They are trying to fly and are getting all kinds of preteen trouble! They knock over their food, rip up the paper lining the brooder and fly at each other. It is all that I can to to keep the brooder clean and them fed and watered!

I have also visited with the neighbors the last two nights. We found out that our neighbor two doors down passed away Saturday. I took some flowers to his widow today. She talked my ear off, was the nicest that she has ever been to me and convinced me that she is indeed a wee bit off the rocker. I can see me over there quite a bit=) Our other neighbors are good. I just spent some time visiting and doing little things for them. Poor Dave now has 3 neighbors lawns to mow plus ours. What a trooper. I guess that we love being the neighbor! It is wearing me out this week. Maybe it is simply the paint fumes. On that note, excuse any typos, please.

Ok, enough typing. I have to go to bed so that I can paint up a storm tomorrow. Okay, paint up a hallway or two. I need a day relaxing by the pool. Anyone want to join me?


Emily said...

I hope the upcoming weekend will be restful. We still need to plan our girl time in the next few weeks. Then you will have to take a break. :)

Julie said...

Get some rest. I know you've got to be exhausted. I've just got the plants and on top of work, it's a bit of a hardship. You have a much bigger garden (that's not even at your house) plus chicky babies plus physical labor for work. Sleep well.

Kara said...

Thanks guys! Julie, how's the job? I have been wondering! And Emily, I have been meaning to call you to make plans!

I am actually enjoying my summer so far. Excuse my complaining. I enjoy the chickens and am working on spending more time with them. They are cute and sweet! More later.

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