Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am tired. Today I let perfect strangers come and dig plants out of my yard. I thought that surely someone would want them. Who knew that people LOVE monkey grass so much? Take it. You can have it. Most of my other stuff didn't get quite as loved, but maybe some one will want the forsythia. I am hoping so. 

I had forgotten how tired watching other people work can make you. Granted, I did a bit of yard work here and there, making sure that they didn't run off with a hydrangea or quince. Dave admitted to thinking that I was crazy to think that people wanted our poor neglected plants. He said he was amazed that they wanted it! Yay for Freecyle! I posted my offering and people responded. I think that I will post my plants again. I would rather someone take them than just hacking them to pieces myself. 

Now I need to go grocery shopping and come up with some dinner. I am thinking about sleeping! Ha! And the time change happens tonight? I already have a hard time staying up past 8p.m. I will really be an old lady starting tomorrow, but the extra light at night will be nice. More time to work in the yard and on the house. Yay!

Ok, I have to get moving or I won't leave the house again today. I hope that you all had a great Saturday and enjoyed the sunshine. I took the time to soak up mine.

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