Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ode to Lleulu

 Being home sick last week I got to spend a lot of time with Lleulu. She was pretty good most of the time, curling up in the corner of the couch or on a chair nearby. I thought that it was time for me to update you on her adventures in our home. 

Lleulu is a very active kitty. She loves to play "horsey", during which she gallops from end of the house to the other. Sometimes she'll slide to a stop and turn around and do it again. She is also a pro at the high jump. I mean, she will get a couple feet of air while trying to catch the laser pointer. Very entertaining!

Don't tell Lleulu that I told you guys, but she is not a very graceful little lady. She often falls off of the couch while trying to show off her tight rope walking abilities. She has even been seen falling off of the coffee table while lying down. She does, however, lay down in a matter that demands the attention of all. Paws forward belly out, that is the way she rolls. And she has an amazing trick. You will have to come over to see it sometime.

I got to thinking about Lleulu today because this weekend she has been especially naughty. Maybe she has eaten too much banana bread (her treat of choice) or is just a bit cranky. Who knows? She has clawed Dave, twice. She bit me last night when I told her to stop playing with my pen. All of this to say, how do you discipline a cat? The spray bottle doesn't work. She will look at it and then drink out of your glass! She is very bold. Did I mention that? We have also tried holding her every time she acts out. We get to love on her, but it doesn't change her behavior. 

We finally came to the conclusion that Lleulu will be put in time out. If it works for a toddler it can work for a cat, right? Time out will be in her carrier. She has been put in there twice last night and once today! Naughty kitty. The thing that cracks me up is that now Lleulu puts herself in time out. It seems to be her new sleeping/quiet place. At first it seemed that she was proclaiming herself to be a good kitty. (She has a hard time telling us this, although she has no problems begging! Her word of choice is ME! Dave and I are Certain that she says "mmeeeeee" when she is begging.) Maybe it is her space that we can not invade. I think it is weird. If it changes her behavior I am all about it.

Here is to Lleulu. Good or bad, we still love you. 

P.s. I have to tell you that every time I think about Lleulu falling off of the coffee table I crack up! I just read my post and cracked up again...... and Lleulu is back in her carrier trying to convince us that she is a good kitty.

Lleulu's photos are courtesy of my sister, Kristie. She is doing this professionally now. She really has a way working with babies, kids and animals. Check her work out at


Susie said...

Oh she's too cute even if she is mischievous!

Meghan said...

This totally made my day!

I'm writing back to you soon, by the by.

Jennifer said...

Potts used to love banana bread. If I made it and had it in a ziplock bag on the counter, I'd wake up the next morning to find the bag on the floor all chewed through and big chunks of banana bread eaten away. I'd get so mad! He also liked salad dressing.

We obviously never learned how to discipline him. He was his own cat.

Jen said...

I would gladly trade pet problems today. Radar is becoming even more aggressive to neighborhood kids and we are going to have to have someone come to the house to settle his aggression issues. Good times. So, I have zero advice, except maybe we should chill with some Margaritas to get our blood pressure down.

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