Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Alive! Promise!

My the time has flown! Recovery from surgery stole about a month of my life away. I truly did not feel like myself for at least four weeks, more like five. That allergic reaction really set me back. I am hoping that I never have to go through that again!!

I am still getting into the swing of things. Motivation to cook is just returning in spurts here and there. I can finally bend without worrying about if it will hurt later. And I can lift heavy things again!!! Yay! not that I lift heavy things often, but it is nice to be able to do things for yourself.

I watched loads of movies and t.v. shows on Netflix while I was down for the count. I was hoping to read a lot of books, but that didn't happen for awhile. I knew that I wasn't feeling well as long as I was fine watching t.v. all day! I am glad that phase is past. My energy is still on the low side, but I suppose that isn't really news. I am slowly getting some exercise and getting the house back in order!

I am back. I have some blog posts in my head and I am going to work to get them out. Here is to the writing that lies ahead!! They'll be coming soon....... or at least I plan on it.

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