Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Changing of Seasons

Wow, it is hard to believe that Spring officially arrives soon. I mean, it isn't hard to believe with everything sprouting and blooming outside, but more difficult to acknowledge the passing of time. Does that even make sense?

I have been meaning to blog and the days have gotten away from me and turned into a month! I relate to the seasons changing because of how life is changing. I am happily persuing a career as a postpartum doula. I attended and completed a wonderful training last month. I can now work as a postpartum doula but am still working on my certification. It is exciting and I love learning and helping people. The next month or so could get busy as one of my best friends is due with her first child and I am starting to make contacts. Oh yeah, and I am still working full time. Just under three months left in the school year...... I am looking ahead to summer already!

Another one of my best friends had her first baby a month ago. He is SO stinking cute and I already love him to pieces. It was a joy to encourage her with the things that I am learning. She and her hubby are super awesome parents.

We lost yet another chicken. I will have to write her dedicated post soon. That leaves us with three lovely ladies. They are laying up a storm. I love them so much! We have decided to increase our little flock and will be getting some pullets soon. That means a girl chicken about three to six months old. Not a baby, but almost mature. And then maybe this summer we will hatch again. I do miss holding little baby chickens!

I did something to my neck and shoulder about a week ago. I could hardly move! The Dr said that I was having muscle spasms. Can I tell you that it was the worst pain that I have ever experienced? It is still a little sore, a little tight, but praise the Lord, I can move freely, type without pain and go about daily life. Dave took great care of me and the house for the three days that I was incapacitated. I love that man!

This week was a really rough work week. Let's just say that I am really glad to be persuing a new career. But God has been faithful. He has reminded me of His love, that the Enemy lies, that His mercy is new every morning, that I am His child, that He has given me gifts that He has taught me to use well, that He has surrounded me with family and friends who are super encouraging and love me lots! I really feel like this Spring and Summer will be full of new life, death in leaving other areas of my life behind and an adventure along the way. I am excited. I am still learning to rely on the One who made me. And I know that good things are ahead!

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