Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Much to Write About...

I have so much to write about but so little time! I have to get some more chicken pictures up. Sorry that I have been bad about that. We love having the girls around. They are a hoot to watch and be around. We are currently getting 1 to 3 eggs a day. That means that a few girls are laying. We just don't know who the others are.

We did a bunch of traveling for Thanksgiving. And it looks like traveling is on the ticket for Christmas too. I can't believe that it is so soon! I am ready for some time off.

I have to run! Girls night at Ikea. We won't buy too much, don't worry. Actually one of my friends has a list. I don't have one.

I hope to write more soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Jacoline said...

Going to IKEA without a list is dangerous, Kara! Hope you only took some cash money and left your cards at home... Otherwise, you've probably spent a lot! :-)

But oh, how much fun is IKEA.

Enjoy your holidays! Wishing you a lot of love and precious familytime.


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