Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuned In

Wow! I decided to go for a bike ride this afternoon instead of a walk. I thought that it was a good idea, but now my ears are freezing and they hurt. At least I got some exercise!

I have had so many things swimming through my mind that I want to talk about, well, write about. On the way home from work today, and it wasn't the easiest day, I heard part of a song that hit me hard. It said something like "When I see my Daddy I am going to throw my arms around his neck and tell Him that I've missed Him." I put in the capitals because I realized that is how I felt this afternoon. I just wanted to crawl up into my heavenly Father's lap and tell Him that I missed Him and hug on Him a while. It brought home the point for me that I work in a place that isn't very friendly towards God. I know that He walks with me through the halls every day, but sometimes, we need our Father's warm lap. So I am going to to some snuggling with God in a bit.

Dave has been building and working on our myth box and digital tv signal lately. A myth box is kind of like a homemade tivo or apple tv. Anyway, he has worked very hard on it and when we hooked everything up and got our first digital signal it was so clear! We got ABC clearer than I have ever seen it in this house. Amazing! We also get some new channels like Retrotv and a weather channel. So cool! All it took was a digital tuner and some tweaking of the antenna. Now Dave is building a huge antenna so we can get even more channels and better signals. It is very exciting.

What has this got to do with anything? Well, I realized, as we tuned in and got a different, clearer signal, that our relationship with God is very much the same. No, I don't need a digital tuner to hear God. But how much have I missed because I haven't been tuned in to Him? Maybe I was only getting part of what He has for me, or I could have seen a clear picture instead of getting static.  This has made me ponder, "How I can get more tuned in to God?". The biggest part of that for me has been reading the Bible every day. My days go so much better when I read the Bible. My attitude is better. I have more peace. 

Hmmmm... maybe I am on to something here. When I actively seek God and study His word I am more tuned in to what He is doing in my life and how I can extend His love to others. 

This is what I have been using as a guide to start daily reading. It is published by YWAM. Every week has a people group to pray for- including statistics, a memory verse for the week, daily reading suggestions to get you through the entire Bible in one year, prayer points for every day and information to help you pray for things like people who work in science, missions, the church, etc. It has really been helping me to stay focused and excited to get into the Word of God. If you are interested in ordering one I have made the picture a link. I also use the calendar at work, so I can sit and stare at my calendar and be reminded to pray for a people group or read the memory verse for the week. I love this!! It has made many days much better just by getting my focus right.

Ok, my ears still hurt and I think I am getting a headache from having been in the wind. I am going to make a hot cup of tea, pull out my planner and Bible and get to it. Love you all! Hope you are encouraged to get tuned in!


Susie said...

Hey Kara,

I love riding my bike but not so much in winter because all that wind gives me earaches too.

I wanted to tell you that Kelly Minter is coming to our church in March. She's the author of that book you read and posted about some time ago. Do you think I should get tickets to go see her?

Kara said...

I think it would be great to go to Susie. Have you looked at that Bible study? I loved it. I will say if she was coming here, that I would go. Hope that helps. And yes, no more bike riding in the cold wind.

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