Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to School

Today was the day that students arrived. I was kind of excited, but I guess I didn't concentrate very well because I forgot to give 15 freshmen their transcripts. Oops. It was a bit overwhelming to have 20+ students in a room built to hold 12. Ugh. The rest of the day was fairly non-eventful. Everything went smoothly except for the tons of schedule changes in the near future. That means that I still don't quite know my schedule. I have been and am still pretending that I am with my teacher from last year. A bit crazy, but until I am told otherwise, that will be my classroom home. 

I did make it into the garden last night. I have to say that I still hate mosquitos, and they are terrible this year. They ate me up! I must have a minimum of 10 bites on my legs and then one crazy mosquito got the tip of my nose! It was worth it for the veggies, though. I picked cucumbers, tomatoes, tons of peppers, the last of the beans and squash and of course okra. Some of the plants have done their duty and will be pulled up and plowed under soon. That is sad, but we got a lot out of them. My favorite is that the okra is coming on!! I L-O-V-E okra. I could eat it everyday, anyway-except for pickled sweet. Yuck. I guess we'll be planting collards and turnips soon. But before that we should be picking our first watermelons and cantaloupes. I am so excited. Waiting is about to kill me. 

I keep forgetting my camera. Forgive me. I will have some kind of photo up soon. I am off to fix dinner and maybe work on a sewing project that has been running through my mind for days!!


Julie said...

I'm sorry they've overcrowded your classroom and I hope they give you a true schedule soon. It makes such a difference if you can get off on the right foot!

Susie said...

So Kara, just out of curiosity, where are you working and what are you doing?

Kara said...

Don't worry. The overcrowding is just for advisement. But 20 freshmen is plenty!! Especially when half of them are freshmen for the second year! Yikes, i have to do all of that again in a few hours. Goodnight!

Kristen said...

What a refreshing treat to be able to pick all those home-grown veggies after such a long day/week of new school year "stuff."

As to the mosquitoes eating you alive. . .have you heard of or tried taking Vitamin B capsules? My friend, Lindsey, had a terrible ability to attract mosquitoes until she started taking it and they finally left her alone. . .

just a thought!

love to you, Kara :)

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