Friday, February 22, 2008

Sombrero Chicken

Ever since my friend Jennifer made her roast chicken I have wanted to post a picture of mine. We call it Sombrero Chicken. The "sombrero" was a wedding gift. It cooks a beautiful chicken. Here it is before roasting. I ran out of gray salt and used a packet of italian seasoning mix and stuffed a lemon in the cavity. It worked out great! And here it is after roasting. Beautiful and delicious! After we enjoy our Sombrero Chicken I always make a stock out of the bones. It can't be easier. Pull the meat off of the bones and keep it for leftovers. Then put the bones in a stock pot and cover them with water. I usually let them simmer for a good 2 hours. This makes a great stock that can be used for anything. I like to freeze it in ice cube tray for easy use later.

Also, our leftover chicken got made into chicken pot pie. It turned out beautiful too. For the pot pie, I sautee onion and celery in butter until softened. Then I add frozen mixed vegetables and cook them until they are cooked through. I add the chicken, a bit more butter, milk, cornstarch, a dash of marjoram and pepper. Then I put all of the ingredients into a ready made pie crust. top it, bake it at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes and you have a yummy pot pie!


Jo said...

Um... YUMMY!

Jamie said...

Kara! I am so excited about this. I was just thinking I would love to have some friends recipes for cooking now that I am doing it more often. Thanks so much. I am not sure if I am at your skill level but I can try.

Jennifer Carr said...

Yea! A new blog! I'm excited!
Your chicken looks like a feista in a bowl.

Jen said...

look at you go girl! You better post pics of that beautiful quilt.

Julie said...

Your chicken looks great! I will check your blog often. You did a great job on your first post.

Jacoline said...

Ok, first of all it seems like you have only friends with names starting with a "J". Haha!
But I'd already read about Jen Carr's roasted chicken, according to your guidelines. That gave me inspiration to try it one of these days. And this looks awesome too! Wowie.
I'd love to read more of your blogs, so: you go girl!


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