Friday, November 20, 2009

A Soft Heart

If you haven't figured it out already, I have a soft heart. I don't mean that I cry at every Hallmark commercial. I mean that I care deeply. I have been thinking about this lately, even found myself pondering it this morning at 5:30am over my morning cup of tea. I have realized that it would be quite easy to have a hard heart. I see them all around me every day. But for some reason I am filled with compassion. Why?

I think that there are many reasons that I have a soft heart. Most recently I have recognized that I cultivate a soft heart~ I seek it out and feed it. Through prayer, reading and action I remind myself to have compassion. I have read two books recently that rock my world. One is Not For Sale and I am currently reading Too Small To Ignore. Both address injustice going on in the world around us and abroad. Both cultivate compassion. Please pick them up for a good read. Of course, the Scriptures do the same.

I have been contemplating my upbringing too. I would say that I was raised in average surroundings. We were probably close to poverty several times, but I never knew that. My parents are still married to this day. We were in church every time the doors were open, and my parents responded to God's call to be home missionaries-now known as church planting. We drove about an hour away every Sunday for a long time to help start a church. My mom was the head of the Women's Missionary Union at our home church for years. I always heard about missionaries and their sacrifices. My dad was known to pick someone up on the side of the road and offer them a hot meal. My sister's friends congregated at our home when in need. I saw my Dad read is Bible every day. Our friends faces were many colors, coming from different countries. Everyone was welcome in our home.

My parents showed me a picture of what compassion looked like. They lived it out in front of me everyday. For that I am eternally grateful. It is a gift that can not be taken from me. They instilled compassion in my heart. I don't know that they ever expected me to travel to Africa, Europe, China and South Korea, but when God called me they knew that I was following His voice and weren't surprised.

Today I work in an environment that could easily harden one's heart. I can not imagine how people work in a public school and have hope without knowing the Creator of Hope. Daily I wonder how a student is the way he is. Why is that girl so sad? Will that one have a bed to sleep in tonight or a meal in the morning? I have seen the drug deal going the down, the gang fight begin, and the aftermath of casual sex, abuse and abortion. Why am I not hard as a stone? Because I have the love of my Father within me. Not my Dad, but God. I know that He created each and every person that I come in contact with. We has charged me with being His hands and feet here on this earth. I gladly accept. Will you?

I am part of a group that is seeking to stop injustice. Yes, it a big task. It is not overwhelming though. It has to start with the individual. Slowly we will educate others of the injustice in this world that CAN be stopped. We are hosting a screening of a film this Sunday November 22nd, 7pm at Fellowship Bible Church. There will also be a couple of speakers from International Justice Mission. Will you come? Unfortunately I will be out of town, but you can get excited because this is only the first of many more events to come.

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Joy said...

You know, that was the first thing Baxter said about you when he saw you and Dave at the Wellspring event, that you were full of compassion and I said that you had a big heart. I have one too. And, yes, I do cry when I watch certain commercials - not the Hallmark ones - but the ones that leave you feeling overwhelmed by your compassion and sad that you can't do more. It is difficult to live with a heart open all of the time. Thank you for doing what your heart leads you to do.

Jo said...

I love you for your heart, Kara. It is the most precious and lovable thing about you (although there are many more). Your post encouraged me today as a parent. I don't always feel that I am doing a great job, but I pray that the girls will see our hearts and our love for Jesus more clearly than they see the ways we fail them. :)

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